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If you are a pen historian then the Sheaffer fountain pen is perfect for you. Sheaffer is an age-old brand that adheres to its unique quality with a vintage touch. With its modern, tapered silhouette, and sleek design, the Sheaffer enhances any look. From creative and colorful to sophisticated and smart, it is available in a variety of finishes. Sheaffer guarantees writing excellence, and it assures best performance.

The Sheaffer's pen line has subtle, classy as well as vibrant, fun, and modern colors. The pen has a slim body with a satin finish, nickel-plated trim, and a stainless steel nib. 

Sheaffer fountain pen Specifications

  • Flexible

  • Stainless-steel

  • Fine nib

  • Modern look 

  • Tapered silhouette

  • Features the Sheaffer White Dot 

  • The trademark symbol of writing excellence

  • Presented in a smart gift box

  • Works only with a cartridge

Sheaffer fountain pen Features 

  • Good Grip

Metal is used to make the body and cap of the pen, which is made with stainless steel. The brand provides a smooth area for the grip section, which is also very comfortable to hold. There is always a small-cap/band available above the grip section. The Sheaffer fountain pen never slips off your hand while writing important assets. It's a striking contrast between subtle and vibrant colors that make it more attractive. Although a fountain pen is not everyone's cup of tea, this could be an exception. It will give you a classic vintage vibe with a modern design. 

  • Perfect Nib

Writing effortlessly is what we all want and the Sheaffer fountain pen never fails to cater to it. It's the nib that really makes this pen stand out. Certainly reminiscent of predecessors decades ago when this type of nib design was quite popular, the hooded nib fits perfectly into the grip section.

  • Vintage Royalty

Sheaffer is one of the most recognized names in the vintage pen world. Sheaffer sells pens that show excellence and available online for hundreds of dollars. The pens look very elegant, and the filling systems are unique and interesting. As most royals used a similar technique for writing letters in the 19th century, the nibs of each Sheaffer fountain pen provide the same royal experience. It is the only vintage pen you will ever own that can capture attention because it was so beautifully crafted. It will certainly turn some heads at the formal meeting or at a corporate event. 


You Can Train your Brain

Writing requires plenty of motor skills. Your brain is directing your hand to write, as well as moving your hand to write. At the same time, your muscles and brain are recalling and remembering the letters you write. Besides that, you have to come up with the words. In this way, the brain areas responsible for language, memory, and movement are all stimulated simultaneously! In comparison, typing doesn't require you to remember how to write a letter or how to print it on paper. You generate less brain activity by doing it since it is less challenging. It has even been suggested that older people should continue to write on paper as they age, to train their brains. A Sheaffer fountain pen would help and make this process easy.

It Improves Writing Experience

It is obvious that a fountain pen is an upgrade from a normal pen. The majority of users report that switching to fountain pens was simply because they are easier and more comfortable to write with. You don't have to exert as much pressure to write with fountain pens. Even when writing lengthy paragraphs, your hands will not get tired since the ink flows out at the slightest touch.

Long-Lasting and Antique

The brand builds fountain pens that last a lifetime. They construct the watches with materials that are meant to last a lifetime. Many luxury fountain pens will last a lifetime and still function perfectly. In comparison to an ordinary ballpoint pen, fountain pens have a much longer lifespan. The durability of these pens makes them an economical choice because you can buy one and refill the ink periodically instead of buying multiple pens over the years. It is also one of the reasons so many people choose fountain pens as special gifts for loved ones or good friends. Try having the pen engraved with the recipient's name if you're considering giving a high-end fountain pen as a gift.

Improves Your Handwriting

Although a fountain pen doesn't make you a better penman, it can help! It helps to slow down when learning how to write properly with a fountain pen. You may feel forced to take your time when writing out each letter as a result of this decrease in speed. Do you want to improve your messy handwriting? Try a Sheaffer fountain pen to get you motivated. You will notice the difference in your handwriting within two months.

Brand: Sheaffer
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Compatible - All Sheaffer VFM Fountain PensNot Compatible with - All Other Sheaffer Fountain PensHigh quality inkDistinct and vibrant colour6 cartridges per pack..
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